wing1 W2S2 [wıŋ] n
antenna, ↑wing
7 take somebody under your wing
8 (waiting/lurking) in the wings
10 on a wing and a prayer
11 be on the wing
12 take wing
13 get your wings
a) one of the parts of a bird's or insect's body that it uses for flying
a butterfly with beautiful markings on its wings
The pheasant flapped its wings vigorously.
b) the meat on the wing bone of a chicken, duck etc, eaten as food
spicy chicken wings
cockpit, ↑wing, ↑tail
2.) ¦(PLANE)¦
one of the large flat parts that stick out from the side of a plane and help to keep it in the air
3.) ¦(BUILDING)¦
one of the parts of a large building, especially one that sticks out from the main part
north/east etc wing
the east wing of the palace
She works in the hospital's maternity wing.
4.) ¦(POLITICS)¦
a group of people within a political party or other organization who have a particular opinion or aim
the moderate wing of the Republican Party
5.) ¦(SPORT)¦
a) a ↑winger
b) the far left or right part of a sports field
6.) ¦(CAR)¦
BrE the part of a car that is above a wheel
American Equivalent: fender
7.) take sb under your wing
to help and protect someone who is younger or less experienced than you are
8.) (waiting/lurking) in the wings
ready to do something or be used when the time is right
Several junior managers are waiting in the wings for promotion.
9.) ¦(THEATRE)¦
the wings [plural]
the parts at either side of a stage where actors are hidden from people who are watching the play
10.) on a wing and a prayer
if you do something on a wing and a prayer, you do not have much chance of succeeding
11.) be on the wing
literary if a bird is on the wing, it is flying
12.) take wing
literary to fly away
13.) get your wings
to pass the examinations you need to become a pilot
clip sb's wings atclip2 (6), spread your wings atspread1 (10)
wing 2
wing2 v
1.) [I always + adverb/preposition] literary
to fly somewhere
a flock of geese winging down the coast
wing its/their way to/across etc sth
planes winging their way to exotic destinations
2.) wing its/their way
to go or be sent somewhere very quickly
wing its/their way to
A bottle of champagne will soon be winging its way to 10 lucky winners.
3.) wing it
spoken to do something without planning or preparing it
We'll just have to wing it .

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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